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Risks of teleworking

Teleworking has many positive aspects associated with it, such as work-life balance, flexibility and organising work itself, but there are also risks that must be understood to prevent possible problems that may arise. These affect both the company and the teleworker, and we are mentioning them below:

Accommodation for remote work

When a person decides to leave the office to work remotely from another place, the first option tends to be their home. Others opt to become digital nomads, having the ability to live in different parts of the world. In either case, remote workers can suffer from social isolation from working alone. To avoid this, there are different options for working remotely in shared environments.

My first remote job

We dedicate this article to those, especially younger people, who are entering the labor force for the first time and must carry out their work in a remote manner. We give advice for facing and understanding the complexities of workplaces and social relations.

What is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? How do you get it?

A free card that allows access to public healthcare – deemed necessary by medical standards – during a temporary stay in any of the 27 member states of the EU, and also Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, with the same conditions and costs as those insured in that country (in some countries medical aid is free).

Advantages and disadvantages of working remotely at a social level

The arrival of remote work has changed our way of relating to one another in the workplace. We have stopped spending our days with coworkers in the same space and instead interact with each other through screens. Working remotely, which brings with it a number of advantages, also has disadvantages at the social level, which you must know if you want to face them.

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work is a work organization model that combines working in person with working remotely. Unlike working remotely, where it is not possible to work in the office, hybrid work attempts to offer a balance for workers who enjoy working remotely but also want to maintain a close relationship with their colleagues.