Visa for digital nomads in Portugal


To attract digital nomads to the country, the Portuguese state offers a special type of visa, called the Portuguese passive income visa or D7 visa. The D7 visa applies to foreigners who wish to reside in Portugal as remote workers living on their own income (real estate, intellectual property or financial investments) and who come from outside Portugal.

The D7 visa and the Portuguese visa for freelancers are good options for digital nomads who wish to work from Portugal for periods longer than 90 days. However, to keep your Portuguese residency renewable, you will have to spend 6 months (more than 183 days) in the country per year.

From 30 October 2022, telecommuters can apply for a temporary stay visa or residence permit.

What are the general requirements for the D7 visa?

  • Portuguese NIF (tax identification number)
  • Portuguese bank account
  • You will need to demonstrate financial self-sufficiency:
    • The applicant will need to prove earning four times the Portuguese minimum interprofessional salary (705 euros per month). So you need to earn 2,820 euros per month to be able to apply for a visa. In addition, proof of income for the last 3 months must be provided.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Full medical insurance
  • Clean criminal record
  • Compliance with the minimum stay requirement::
    • Initial residence permit - At least 16 months per 2-year period (absence of more than 6 consecutive months may result in revocation of permit).
    • Subsequent residence permit - at least 28 months per 3-year period (absence for more than 6 consecutive months may lead to revocation of the permit).
    • Permanent residence permit: at least 30 months for every 5-year period (absence for more than 24 consecutive months may lead to revocation of the permit).

How to apply for a D7 visa for Portugal?

  • Obtain a NIF number and open a bank account.
  • Obtain accommodation.
  • Apply for the D7 visa at the Portuguese consulate.
  • Arrange the residence permit: once you receive your new visa, you will be able to travel to Portugal for 4 months (120 days). You will need to travel to Portugal and make an appointment at the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteir (SEF) during this time.

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