What is a digital nomad?


Digital nomads are remote workers who use the internet to develop their work from anywhere in the world, adopting a nomadic lifestyle that allows them to travel constantly.

This is an option for professions that you can carry out online, such as those related to programming, consulting, communications, or design.

Digital nomads are, for the most part, self-employed (freelancers) but they can also be employees (salaried workers). 

To avoid tax and social security problems, two fundamental issues must be taken into account:

  • Determining the tax residency: this is the place to which income taxes are paid. To determine tax residency, different factors must be taken into account depending on the criteria of each country and the circumstances of the digital nomad. The most common regulations are the 183-day rule and the center of vital interests. It would also be necessary to know the existing bilateral agreements between countries or the so-called departure taxes.
  • Ensure health coverage: through the public system or private insurance, the most common coverage plans are international health insurance.