List of Employers of Record (EoR)


The growth of remote work has brought with it an increase of intermediary companies. Employers of Record were used as a solution to relocate teams before the pandemic. Now, after COVID-19 and the trend of working remotely, these companies have become more popular. In this article we list a few of the main intermediary companies in the market:

  • Papaya Global: While it's not the most affordable, the price difference with others is very small and it's the most efficient of all we've known. You can request a demo of their services at the previous link, filling out a very simple form.
  • Oyster HR: Oyster HR is a platform that aims to eliminate obstacles to global recruitment by allowing workers to be hired in more than 180 countries, offering them legal advice and salary payment in their local currency.
  • Remote: Helps businesses hire international employees and pay their contractors.
  • Deel: Like the previous ones, has a platform for personnel management. It is characterized by having quality customer support, available 24/7 through a live chat. You can request a free demonstration through their website.
  • Safeguard Global: this company presents a complete view of workforce costs to multinational corporations to help them make strategic decisions. Additionally, it allows for the expansion to more than 165 international markets in as little as two weeks.
  • Velocity Global: Since 2014, Velocity Global has helped thousands of brands hire, pay, and support talent in more than 185 countries. They seek to retain talent by offering them competitive benefits in their market.
  • Skuad: Skuad is a global platform of human resources that simplifies salaries, compliance, and global taxes. To do this in an effective manner, Skuad considers the needs of the organization and provides personalized solutions.
  • Workmotion

We could add others to this list, such as Remofirst, Foxhire or Atlas.

If you wish to learn more about what an Employer of Record is and the services they offer to companies and remote workers, take a look at our article What is an Employer of Record?