What is a digital nomad visa?


Visas for digital nomads are emerging in different countries because of remote work. These visas usually offer benefits for remote workers relating to their residence and the tax system to attract qualified workers and workers with high purchasing power.

Due to the lack of international legislation and the outdated regulations of bilateral agreements, many countries have launched these visas.

Work visas are not new, but the existing rules do not apply to teleworkers. These visas normally require a work contract with an organization native to that country or an invitation letter, something that one would not be able to do as a remote worker.

These digital nomad visas are directed at remote workers from other countries. In the case of European countries that are implementing digital nomad visas, these apply to citizens of third-party countries who need a visa to reside in Europe. Therefore, these visas are not interesting to European citizens because they can move around the territory without these additional requirements. However, there are other countries outside of Europe that also offer these digital nomad visas, which could be appealing to European citizens.

To access a digital nomad visa, you must comply with the established requirements in each country, but often you must have a valid passport and proof of stable income. Some visas also require an application fee.

The duration of digital nomad visas varies depending on the country. They were developed for long stays, therefore most of these visas are valid for one year.