Search engines for finding remote work


When it comes to finding remote work, many people start by turning to the same sites in which they have looked for work their whole lives. However, there are websites specifically for remote workers that have many job opportunities with this work modality.

Websites for finding remote work

1. Flexjobs

This is one of the most important sites when looking for a flexible job. It has more than 50 job categories, and you can also filter the offers for a certain geographical area, company, time of day, or number of work trips required depending on your needs. Flexjobs inspects all the job openings and makes sure they are verified, and that they offer posts with good working conditions.

2. We Work Remotely

This page is in English and most of its job opportunities are focused on marketing and design, supporting inclusion and diversity in remote jobs. However, not all job lists take into account geographical area or salary.

3. Remoteok

This site has a long and solid list of remote jobs that has been improved over the years, between large companies and small startups. The job listings mention geographic area, as well as salary range and asynchronism.


This website offers a large list of jobs, especially startups and companies from the US, as well as technology companies. Most of the jobs listings have a number of limitations regarding geographical area and salary range.

5. Work at a Startup

This job search engine exclusively for companies backed by YCombinator, which means they are well-funded technology companies. The majority of these companies operate remotely and are open to applicants from any location.

6. Job Board Search

This is an aggregator of more than 300 search engines. It creates new job search engines all the time for niche roles, certain industries and companies, etc. We especially recommend this aggregator to anyone who is looking for non-technology roles.

7. Skip the drive

This website tries to simplify the job search process by using pre-created profiles and offering different opportunities to work from home. Registration is not required and the service is free for workers who wish to find remote work.

8. Remotive

Remotive is an online platform for finding a job that matches your needs, working from the comfort of your home or your personal space of living and working like a coliving space. It is a website that seems family-friendly and favors tech jobs. Here you can find jobs around the world or in the US, as well as filtering for a specific location.