Health insurance for digital nomads


When someone decides to become a digital nomad, they must consider it necessary to obtain a visa, the necessary equipment for their job, and the required procedures for their stay abroad. One of these procedures is related to medical assistance, it being advisable to secure international health insurance.

It is always recommended that you travel with health insurance because paying for medical assistance while abroad can be more expensive depending on the country you are visiting.

Not all travel insurance is adequate for digital nomads, but the growth of this way of life has lead to the development of international health insurance.

International health insurance provides digital nomads with better health coverage than standard travel insurance. In fact, while not all travel insurances are intended for extended stays, insurance for digital nomads provides coverage to the insured person for a period of time longer than three months. Additionally, these insurances can include:

  • Medical coverage for medical issues predating the trip.
  • Periodical revision.
  • Coverage for pregnancies.
  • Dental assistance.
  • If necessary, the return of the patient to their country of residency.

If you travel abroad for a long amount of time while you are working as a digital nomad and you wish to obtain health insurance, you must take into account, in addition to the price, the following factors:

  • Countries of coverage: it is important to make sure that the health insurance provides coverage in all the countries you will be living. The majority of insurances cover all countries except the United States due to higher healthcare costs there.
  • Customer service: having the ability to count on medical attention 24/7, from someone multilingual to avoid language barriers, can be indispensable depending on where you travel.
  • Coverage for prescriptions: there are many insurance plans that include coverage for prescribed medications, but it is not mandatory.
  • Coverage plan: one matter to keep in mind is if the chosen insurance fits the lifestyle of the insured person. For example, if someone surfs often, it is important that their insurance covers a surfing accident.
  • Premiums and advance payments: it is recommended that you pay attention to not only the monthly premium but also the excess (the payment you must make when you receive medical attention.