Remote work and protection of data: recommendations for employees


Working remotely has led to a large exposure of data on the internet, and therefore it is necessary to know the dangers and take the required measures to guarantee the protection of information. Here we list a few recommendations for workers:

1. Respect the information protection policies of the company

Each worker must follow the established company measures regarding data protection and information security, paying special attention to the duty of confidentiality of the worker relating to personal data to which they may have access in order to perform their duties.

2. Protect the devices used

You must create and use passwords that are strong and different from those used to access accounts for personal email, social media, and other types of applications used in your personal life.

It is also important not to download or install applications or software that have not been previously authorized by the organization. Additionally, you must avoid using wi-fi connections that are open or unsecured. You should make sure that the antivirus system that you have installed is working and up to date.

3. Guarantee the protection of the information being handled

Both in public places and at home, you must adopt the necessary precautions to guarantee the confidentiality of the information that you are managing.

To do this, avoid exposing your screen to third parties. If you often work in public places, it is recommended that you use a privacy filter for you screen.

4. Protect information in online spaces

We recommend that you avoid storing information in the equipment of the device used, it being preferable to make use of shared storage resources or the cloud provided by the organization.

In cases where you are allowed to use personal equipment, do not use applications that are not authorized by company policy to share information (cloud file hosting services, personal emails, instant messages, etc.).

5. Immediately communicate any security breaches

Any irregularity that could affect the security of information and personal data must be reported to the person responsible, without delay and in the briefest manner possible, through the appropriate channels.